For the purpose of this Declaration, “gathering” means any event, common endeavor, or business operation during which 50 persons or more are present or are reasonably likely to appear together in a confined space, room, or area except the following:  a government-owned facility; a facility in which government business is being conducted  a public school; a private school  a licensed day care facility  a place of worship  a place where a wedding or a funeral is being conducted  an office space; a hotel; a motel; a residential building; a grocery store; a retail store in which most sales consists of food for off-premises consumption and small household necessities  a hospital or other medical facility; or a shelter. It is strongly encouraged that citizens should adhere to all guidelines and mitigation strategies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This Disaster Declaration will be in effect for seven days, with the potential for extension

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Author: Danny Barrera